Thermax Valve Jacket


THERMAX valve jackets are used for, making heat loss minimum on the hotlines, preventing condensing on the cold lines by; non-burnable glass fibres fabric or between ceramic fibre fabric , rockwool and ceramic fibre fabric or rubber foam are used as insulating material.

Usage Fields of Thermax Valve Jacket

  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Boiler room
  • Steam installations
  • Red-hot oil lines

Assembly of Thermax Valve Jacket

  • The appropriate jacket will be special made for the insulating.

  • Insulating jacket will be placed wrapped around on where needed.

  • The insulating jacket must be wrapped carefully around the equipment

  • Supposed to be tight up by the help of the belts.

Advantages of Thermax Valve Jacket

  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Disassembling and fastening is very easy
  • Can be used again and again
  • Assembly cost is very low
  • Not burnable
  • Easy to use in narrow areas.

  • Long life term
  • Makes equipments life longer.

  • Do not include asbestos and cancerous substances
  • High quantity of energy saving is made by heat insulation.

  • Prevents combustion on cooling systems.

  • Resistant to fuel steam.

  • Resistant to atmosphere conditions

  • Resistant to oil, water and poor acids
  • Less Return on Investment ( ROI )

Important Points at Selection Thermax Valve Jacket

  • Determine fabric, insulation material and its thickness according to working conditions
  • For each application take the measurement seperately for producing special one
  • Used the sewing thread resistant to high temperature
  • At valve and armature application, flanges are insulated completely
  • Vana jackets must be produced as from flanges to at least 50 mm overlap
  • Not allow blank at valves neck.